May 14, 2018

RockBoard® Effects Pedal Bags:

There are lots of multi-effects pedals, amp modelers, loopers, switchers and vocal effects in floor format on the market, from a variety of well-known manufacturers. However, only rarely do these manufacturers also supply protective bags for their floor units!

The brand new RockBoard® Effects Pedal Bags range includes protective bags for nearly every multi-effect, amp modeler, looper, switcher and voice-EFX pedal on the market. RockBoard® Effects Pedal Bags offer safe protection, are robust, practical and stylish, meet professional requirements and are also inexpensive. 14 different RockBoard® Effects...

May 14, 2018

Framus Press Release – Framus D-Series Electric Guitars:

The electric guitars of the brand new Framus D-Series are manufactured in China with the same high quality requirements as the Warwick RockBass Series instruments. The Framus D-Series electric guitars also undergo extensive final inspection, first in China and then again in Markneukirchen/Germany.

Only high-quality woods, hardware, and other parts are used for these instruments, which are based on the guitars of the Framus Teambuilt German Pro Series and the Custom Shop models. The pickups of the Framus D-Series are manufactured by Seymour Duncan / USA, the fingerboards are m...

June 29, 2017

The RockBoard® Power LT XL has facilitated its mobile power to countless guitarists and bassists worldwide since October 2015. The RockBoard Power LT XL is a mobile, space-saving, lightweight, rechargeable, high-performance, and cost-effective power supply for 9V DC effect pedals with an additional USB port for chaging mobile phones and devices.

No more worrying about your 9V batteries dying mid song. You can also forget about searching for a wall outlet on stage to power your pedal board. The RockBoard® Power LT XL is equipped with powerful, long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to supply effects pedals up to approx. 5...

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